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We have a lot of natural Florida underwater reefs & ledges. The following are a couple of dives sites in our area!

Exxon Template    Bryson Memorial    Yamaha    Oar2K








Site Name: Exxon Template
tennreef.jpg (85240 bytes) This is the Tenneco reef, but resembles the Exxon

History: The Exxon was an experimental subsea template from offshore Louisiana to a permitted artificial reef site off Florida. It was deployed in 1979 and was the first drop of the "Rigs To Reefs" Projects. This deployment was sponsored by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.The site has a max depth of 105'.













Site Name : Bryson Memorial Reef
atlas.jpg (12199 bytes)
History: two steel vessels - one an 80-footer and the other a 108-footer sunk within 300 feet apart. The deployment was done in 1997 with an addition of concrete and steel rubble in 1998.














Site Name : Yamaha
barge.jpg (10541 bytes)

History : June 2001 Reef Addition Deployment
At the Yamaha Reef, an additional 350 tons of materials (donated by as a result of recent renovations at the Leon County Civic Center) was deployed over a 2 day period by Coastal Reef Builders Inc. of Pensacola. Conditions on the first day made anchoring difficult but nonetheless 150 tons were placed about 50-100 yards south of the existing barge-wreck with some stacking to a relief in excess of 6 feet. On the second day, deployment at Yamaha was preceded by a small stop off at the One More Time, where 30-40 culverts were rolled into position about 10-20 yards north of the shrimper-wreck. Relief at this site was as high as 7 or 8 feet. Notably last year's deployment at the One More Time site showed heavy encrustation and growth with a large number of resident fishes spread out through the enlarged reef complex. The second deployment at Yamaha placed about 200 tons within the same 50-100 yards south of the barge-wreck with some vertical pieces giving a relief of over 20 feet (pending the next significant storm event) in at least 5 locations.















Site Name : Oar2K

Here are some pictures of the OAR2K deployment.

   Pic4.jpg (10290 bytes) Pic1.jpg (15824 bytes)Pic3.jpg (12702 bytes)























mica.jpg (14672 bytes)


The Empire Mica was a British oil tanker, built in 1941 by Furness S.B. Company of Haverton Hill on Tees. She was 479' long, with a 61' beam, displacing 8,032 gross tons. The Mica was en route from Houston to England for the Anglo-American Oil Company Limited when two torpedoes from the U-67 ignited the 12,000 tons of oil she was carrying. The ship burned for a day as it drifted in the Gulf, finally sinking in 105' of water south of Cape San Blas, Florida. Thirty-three crewmen lost their lives in the attack.

The explosions did a great deal of damage to the Empire Mica.  Most of the remaining structure forms a large debris field.  However, part of the bow section is relatively intact and rises almost 60' off the bottom. The boilers, propeller shaft, and rudder make good landmarks on the wreck; her large screw was salvaged in 1981. The wreck site attracts abundant marine life including amberjack, barracuda, snapper, and grouper. It is one of the best wreck dives along the Florida panhandle.

micaladder.jpg (19160 bytes)mica2.jpg (18399 bytes)

Come dive with the Capital City Dive Charters. We run daily year round. Capital City Dive Charters runs from Panama City, FL. to Crystal River, FL., but mainly we run out of Carrabelle, FL. were the fish are plentiful and the dive sites free of other divers.

we love to meet new people and to share in the many adventure's other divers have encountered in there diving.

Hope to meet you, if you can't make it..I guess we will hope to see you on the bottom sometime..


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